ASRs questionnaire

Architecturally significant requirement (ASR) or not?

1.Users shall have one of two roles that the application must be aware of: a) Internal Company Associate b) Customer

2.Under normal conditions, refreshing the system’s data (links, interactions etc.) shall not require a system restart.

3.The web-service should perform all the processing in a single call, sending the complete call definition and receiving a single response.

4.It must be possible to scale the deployment from an initial 100 geographically dispersed user desktops to 10,000 without an increase in effort/cost for installation and configuration.

5.Queries for ProductId validations that have failed shall be retried six times at an interval of a minute. If the query has failed after the retry, then the alarm and the response from the query shall be logged.

6.The application shall start back-off when the application has network connectivity but fail to connect to the server.

7.In order to avoid truncation, the total number of characters collected as part of the trouble description shall not exceed 900.

8.While the application is in the background (i.e. not ended), the messaging service shall continue to live and operate.

9.Divide the work according to the geographical team distribution so that the teams would be as independent as possible.

10.Interfaces delivered to third party applications shall be expressed independent of programming language (i.e. shall support WSDL). Implementation of services must be distributable across the network.

11.The application shall allow users to handover an active call from cellular network to Wi-Fi. Once handover to Wi-Fi is complete, the cellular call must be dropped automatically.

12.Visibility of system status: The system should always keep users informed about what is going on through appropriate feedback within reasonable time.

13.In general this should be global approach. Don’t preclude countries. The tool set shall support:

  • Multiple countries.
  •  In-county currencies. (Initial potential countries for introduction are US, Canada.)
  • Compute correct taxes.
  • Multiple languages for user interface.
  • Selling restrictions for specific countries.

14.Pages need to be in English and French for Canada
NOTE: Additional languages will be required when expanded globally

15.Users accessing [A-website] from a Partner portal/banner etc. must be tagged accordingly to provide the Partner with the appropriate commission for the sale. Today we use [a 3rd party tool]to support in the affiliate program; another possible vendor could be explored.

16.The ‘middleware’ system will create a SAP idoc file (order type= SD or FD – meaning free of charge, no billing) & transmit it to SAP-I (systematic)

Click ASRs interview summary to have a good look at the results and summary of the interviews. To notice, there were two slightly different questionnaires. Participants A1 to A4 and the BA were interviewed using the first questionnaire. After analyzing their answers, those requirements that participants always gave almost the same views are replaced by new ones. Therefore, participant A5 was given a new set of questionnaire with some new requirements decisions.

One example of the questionnaires, done by one technical lead

One example of the questionnaires, done by one technical lead. The name is blocked.

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