Thinking while walking

I am not a fan of walking until I tried with the idea of ‘thinking while walking’ which is introduced to me by Norah. Of course, this walking here I mean is walking alone, especially at sunset. One superiority of walking in Limerickis that I can enjoy a very beautiful and wide land view of the environment surrounding me, which really helps me open my minds somehow, and I have never experienced that when walking in my hometown. It might seem to be a very simple idea when think about ‘thinking while walking’. However, it is not until I really tried it that I consciously realize how helpful and powerful it could be, because the contemplation and introspection it perfectly facilitates pull me out of predicaments whenever I am depressed or at a loss about some things.
Introspection and contemplation seem to be barely a very simple and little thing that everyone can do no matter when and where. But I happened to be one person that always fails to consciously examine myself regularly just because I can’t find the right time and place. It doesn’t mean that I am very busy but that I can’t focus on what I am trying to do. For example, I do ‘thinking’ when I am lying in the bed at night before sleep, what usually happens is that I could recall and analyze a few things happened lately for the first few minutes but later soon I either fall asleep or wonder about some other things that magically come into my mind and then fall asleep. Though I do have done some thinking in that way but it’s too light to help with any problems at all. While in most other times of a day, I am either not alone or occupied with works or not far from any distractions, which all signify that it’s not the right time for thinking. That’s my situation and I’d like to believe that there are many people like me as well.
My early life experience doesn’t urge me to do much serious thinking. But as situations change now, I need to do that frequently. It’s good to find out walking is the suitable way for me. Walking slowly and alone is a very different circumstance that isolates myself from any distractions and provides a period of time to let myself immersed in my thoughts, combined with a visual enjoyment, body relaxation and calmness in my heart. Meanwhile, my brain could function so well that most problems could be sorted out in some way. Therefore, after such a walking, I always feel assured and motivated again usually with certain goals and plans in my mind. I think, I should do this ‘thinking while walking’ more frequently in the future.

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